Kitespot Brazil - Ilha Do Guajirú

Prime Edition: 23.-30.09.2019

Our first retreat ever. You can imagine how excited we were in advance. Will everything work out as planned? Will our ladies enjoy the schedule we created for these eight days together? We couldn’t wait to start this new adventure together with our first group of girls. And then it finally happened. From the first day on we could feel a spirit between all of us that even overcame our expectations. It was the beginning of an outstanding week full of kitesurfing, yoga, life lessons and pure joy. The support our sisters showed for each other was simply touching. By the end of the week - which resulted in a lot of goodbye tears - we knew that this shared experience not just created lifetime friends, but a strong sisterhood.


Thank you to each and every lady who gave us her trust to be able to tread this adventurous path.