Our Partners

When we support each other, incredible things happen

Always better together - therefore we are extremely proud to present you all our official partners. We love to support other businesses, owned and run by people who are driven by their passion and inspired by the sea. Check them out! 


Kitesurf GEAR


Flysurfer Kiteboarding is a manufacturer of high-quality kites and boards with a focus on design, performance and innovation. We are more than proud to have such a strong and supportive partner on our side to provide us with the latest equipment. Send us a message, if you have any questions about the gear - or join us and just try it at the next retreat! 



Big Blue Boards is the only female specific kite board brand. With their products the girl bosses of the brand empower women to thrive in every kite session. The boards are amazingly light and you can choose pads and straps in different sizes. We personally love the "Marlin" for beginners and totally recommend the "Barracuda" for riders who want to improve their skills. And guess what? With our promo code SALTYSISTERS10 you get 10% discount on your purchase. 

Kitesurfing Schools



Air-Riders Kite Pro Center is located in Kremasti - Rhodes - Greece. The location offers crystal clear water, good vibes and cross-shore winds and the owners and the whole team are absolutely lovely and happy to help with everything. All My Salty Sisters participants get 15% off all services during our retreats. Check out there website or follow them on Instagram

Clothes, Surf- & Swimwear



We just LOVE the high quality clothes and swimwear from Vivida and just can't stop wearing them. We are super happy to announce, that with our promo code MYSALTYSISTERS you get a 10% discount on all items in their online shop. Have a look at their website- we guarantee you'll fall in love too! 



Nevrboard sells beautifully made surf- and swimwear for women and girls, all designed by girl boss Anna Palka. And by the way, we just love the motto: be confident, be sexy, be wild! Check out all the colorful pieces at the website or on Instagram - and save 10% on your next order with our promo code: mysaltysisters



Evokaii (Hawaiian for "Risen from the sea") offers beautiful surf clothing, designed and handcrafted in Europe. They are currently working on delivering environment-friendly solutions as well as creating pro solutions for a stylish appearance at the beach. You should definitely have a look at all the awesome hoodies, coats, skirts and dresses. Use our promo code My-Salty-Sisters for a 10% discount.



ALOOPPA - a wonderful Bulgarian brand, owned by a kitesurf couple. They focus on distinctive spring and summer wetsuits as well as neoprene swimwear and accessories for women. Their goal is to transform traditional wetsuits into fashionable pieces of clothing for people with individual style - also producing customized models. Now the best news: With our promo code SALTY you get 15% off all items - don't miss it! Also, find them on Instagram and show some love! 


Kitesurf Websites & fellow Salty Sisters


Take some time and visit Miriam's Website ladies! With Wake Up Stoked this travel-addicted digital nomad and beautiful soul created a blog to inspire you - providing some great infos about kitesurfing, traveling and the best spots around the globe. You definitely have to check out her website and her Instagram profile - trust us, you'll feel the stoke!



We are more than proud to call this fierce and unstoppable lady our Salty Sister: With KITEJOY Anja created an independent online kite magazine, focusing on women in kitesurfing. And guess what? She had never been on an all-girls kite trip before joining our Empowerment & Kite Retreat. Every day with her is inspiring - and so is her blog. So, don't wait one more second: jump over there and just enjoy! (Also don't forget to follow her on Instagram.)