Kitesurfing Retreats For Women

Kite every day with your Salty Sisters and let your female spirit be empowered in a safe and open environment. Live an active and healthy lifestyle, recharge your energies and expand your mind as a part of this life-changing experience. By the end of the week you will leave the retreat not only with unforgettable memories, but with more than one new Salty Sister. 


Answer the call of the sea.


Share your love for kitesurfing with like-minded women from all over the world. With daily guided kite sessions in windiest spots on earth, you will leave feeling more safe and assured of your skills than ever. We hope you will feel as we do: that kiting is an essential part of life. And always remember: Your level doesn’t matter, your passion does!  


Body & MIND

Breathe in new experiences, breathe out new discoveries.


The kite lifestyle is more than just the time you spend on the water. During our workshops we will show you how to connect body and mind, care for yourself and live a healthy, mindful life. Daily workouts, yoga, meditation and stretching as well as wholesome plant-based nutrition are part of the Salty Sisters’ way. 



Give her wings and she will fly. 


The most important mantra of our Salty Sisters community: Girls Support Girls! And we strive to live by those words every day. During our years traveling the world and kiting we noticed a common theme: a session shared with another kite girl elevates the experience to the next level. We believe in the strength, independence and uniqueness of every woman. And we want to celebrate and embrace that together – on and off the water. 


Sparkling Community

You are never alone on the water.


Just as the sea connects the world, the My Salty Sisters community connects the women of our sport. Let’s come together and share our dreams and passions, and build a new community that we can rely on. Together we can make change for the better: in our lives, in our society, and in our sport. Also: The best best memories are the ones shared, right? 


Our Retreats

What's coming up next

My Salty Sisters: More than a kite camp! Empowerment and Kite Retreats for Women in September. Best kiteboarding holiday in Brazil 2019

Save the dates - Plans for 2024


Weeks filled with kitesurfing at world class spots and good vibes with your Salty Sisters. 


Our first dates for 2024 are online.

Where to go next

Season 2024

My Salty Sisters: More than a kite camp! Empowerment and Kite Retreats for Women in November. Best kiteboarding holiday in Brazil 2019

Always looking for adventure!


We are constantly planning new trips for our Salty Sisters all over the world. 


If you are interested in joining us, send us a message for some early updates on our schedule for 2024.

Previous Retreats


4 years with My Salty Sisters!


Unforgettable kite sessions, breathtaking spots and a loooot of wind - we couldn't wish for more in our first salty season. Check out these little recaps about our trips to Brazil, Colombia, Greece and Egypt.