Kiting On Tenerife

Women Only Kite holidays on the Canary Islands

My Salty Sisters are coming back to Tenerife to host our Empowerment & Kite Retreat on this beautiful Canary Island. We are taking you to El Médano, the best kite spot of Tenerife. 

15. - 22.07.2023

Spot: Kiteboarding in El Médano

Colombia: kiteboarding in amazing flat water lagoons just with girls. Perfect and safe holiday in Latin America!


In the charming village El Médano lies one of the most diverse kite spots of the Canary Islands. The bay offers wonderful free ride conditions as well as a huge playground for directional riders. Depending on the wind you can have a very chilled or a bit more challenging session - with lot of options to learn, practice and improve. But the most important is: It is an amazing kitesurfing spot to have fun! 



Arrival & Stay

Relaxed hotel in Colombia, wonderful place for a kiteboarding holiday with girls. Enjoy the good surf vibes.


El Médano is only 10 minutes away from the Tenerife South Airport (take care, there are two different airports on the island!) and easy to reach by taxi. The area offers all the infrastructure you need to be able to focus completely on what you love most: Kitesurfing! My Salty Sisters will stay in a cosy apartment in the village. 



Action: Kite, Yoga & More

Girls Kite Camp and adventure trip in Colombia: Action and fun every day. All levels welcome!

As always, the main focus of our trip is one thing: Kiting!  We will have one to two daily kitesurfing sessions together (depending on the wind) during which we support you to get more confidence on the water, learn new tricks or simply boost your kitesurfing skills to the next level. We provide coaching, support and (most of all) fun - on and off the water - for our group of kite ladies.

We also offer daily body & mind workouts, such as yoga, fascial muscle relaxation, etc., a simple guide to an active and healthy way of living as well as empowerment activities and personal development workshops. 


Female Empowerment Retreat and Kite Camp with kiteboarding, yoga, vegan food and daily workouts.

This is more than a kite camp: Our retreats focus on empowering women on and off the water. Together we celebrate every day, session and progression, share thoughts and experiences to be able to grow. 

Our mission is to build a strong sisterhood of kite girls (and those, who want to become one) and to show the world how much women rock on the water! 

Included Features:

  • Daily guided kitesurfing session as well as group progression coaching
  • Daily body & mind workouts (Yoga, Stretching, etc.)
  • Empowerment activities
  • Welcome drink & surprise goodie bag
  • Group workshops
  • 7 nights in an appartment, shared rooms
  • Kite storage & beach access
  • Rescue service
  • 1 no-wind activity - just in case ;)
  • 100% support by the My Salty Sisters team as well as a group of inspiring women 

Not Included:

  • Flights to/from Tenerife South
  • Airport Transfer 
  • Food & Beverages
  • Insurance (we assume no liability to any kind of damage or injury during the whole retreat)
  • Kitesurfing lessons / assistance
  • Rental gear


As always, we offer limited spots for the most personal experience. Escepcially on Tenerife we focus on small groups. Feel free to send us a message regarding information about the spot, transfer, kite lessons, rental – or anything else, that’s on your mind. 


What kite level do I need?


At our retreats, all kitesurfing levels are welcome! Please note that due to safety reasons you have to take kiteboarding lessons or assistance until you are able to go upwind in any kind of condition (light wind, strong wind, gusts, wavy spots, etc.) and be completely confident with the self-rescue maneuver. If you haven't reached that level yet, we are happy to help you arrange everything with our partner school Sunset Kite Center prior the trip. Please always inform us before the retreat about your kitesurfing level. Even if you are a beginner or need some refreshment lessons, we will still make sure to ride together and share unforgettable experiences on the water. Of course, our team will provide coaching and share tipps with all the participants - no matter the level. 


What is the difference between a My Salty Sisters Empowerment & Kite Retreat and a kite camp?


Our retreats are more than a kite camp: We want to shift the focus to the one thing that matters most to us - having fun on the water and enjoy every kite session. We truly believe that progression comes with a feeling of safety, support and pure joy – and that’s what we want to provide to our Salty Sisters. Empowering each other is a big part of this process, which means we will be there for every little step you do towards reaching your personal (kitesurfing) goal.


Are you ready for an unforgettable kitesurfing trip?

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