Kite Safari: Basic or Adventure Package

Are you ready for your next kitesurfing vacation? The My Salty Sisters Kite Safari leads you to some of South Americas best kite spots.


Please choose between the Basic and Adventure Package below.


Basic Package

08. - 15.02.2020

  • Guided kite sessions every day at spots in Cartagena and Salinas del Rey
  • Healthy & simple lifestyle
  • Daily body & mind workouts (yoga, pain free fascia, stretching, breathing exercises)
  • Vegan cooking class
  • Open spaces for open minds
  • 7 nights in excellent accommodations right at the beach (breakfast included)
  • Limited to 8 spots for the most personal experience
  • 100% support

Adventure Package

08. - 22.02.2020


The adventure kite tour includes in addition:

  • 7 extra nights in simple accommodations in Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas
  • Transfer in between spots
  • Exclusive kite coaching to improve your skills

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